Wisdom Tooth


Genre:Fiction   Country:China   Duration:104min   Year of Production:2019   Director:LIANG Ming

Executive Producer: Li Shaohong

Director:LIANG Ming

Executive Producer: Liang Ming

Screenplay: Liang Ming

Cinematography: He Shan

Editing:Zhu Lin / Wang Gaigai

Producer:Sun Yang

Music:Ding Ke


Art Direction:Wong Ka-lun


Cast: Lu Xingchen/ Wu Xiaoliang/Wang Jiajia/Wang Weishen/Chen Yongzhong



Guliang and his sister Guxi run a fresh fish stall near China’s northern border. An oil spill leads to the widespread contamination of coastal waters, causing them to lose their livelihood. A woman called Qingchang appears in their lives and the growing intimacy between her and Guliang makes Guxi feel left out. Qingchang’s father owns a fish market and he faces his own business crisis as well. You Chunbo, the fisherman who works for him breaks into the private fishing ground of Mr. Jiang and is beaten to death. Jiang is rumoured to be the murderer but Guxi stumbles upon a recording that reveals that it is someone else. 

Director’s Biography


 Liang Ming graduated from the Department of Performance Studies of the Communication University of China. He participated in the 3rd CFDG China Youth Film Director Support Programme and acted in Lou Ye’s Spring Fever and Love and Bruises. He is the second assistant director in Lou Ye’s Mystery and the leading actor of Shadow Days which was selected for the Berlinale in 2014. Liang also played in the short film The Song of the Singer, for which he won Best Actor at the Vaughan International Film Festival in Canada. 

Director’s Statement

This is a coming-of-age story with elements of crime thrown in. Innocent youth and cruel adulthood are tied together, so youth can explore the boundaries of the two realms. The young people in the film are like family to each other. What makes them so close in their formative years? This film is a meticulous articulation about the energy of youth. What is crushed, broken and distorted by the world is not only the dreams of youth, but also the desire for the world. For the protagonists, ‘the only way to solve the problem is to step outside into the sunlight’. This is more than a simple tale of growing up. Growing up has never been easy. Everyone is confused and entrapped by fate and their surroundings. Youth is a process of finding the sunshine behind the clouds.