The 3rd PYIFF to open with Liberation


Liberation will officially open the 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival. It will have its world premiere at “Platform” in the evening of October 10 after the opening ceremony. “Platform” is a 1,500-seat open-air theatre situated in Pingyao Festival Palace. 

HAN Sanping is the general production executive of Liberation and LI Shaohong is the general executive producer. It is chiefly directed by LI Shaohong and co-directed by CHANG Xiaoyang.  

Liberation tells a story of how CAI Xingfu, an artillery reconnaissance company commander of the People’s Liberation Army and YAO Zhe, a quartermaster of the Kuomingtang Army temporarily partner for a frontline mission with the final attacks of the Beijing-Tianjin Battle approaching. The film is starred by ZHOU Yiwei, Wallace CHUNG, Elane ZHONG, WANG Xun, WANG Qiang, Philip Keung Ho-Man, YANG Mi, PAN Binlong, Andrey DUO, FU Heng, Kevin GUO, Terence YIN, WEI Ziqi, JI Lutong, Aimee, SHAO Bing, GAO Minghao and others.

The 3rd PYIFF will be held from October 10 to 19 at Pingyao Festival Palace in Pingyao Ancient City, Jinzhong, Shanxi.

作者:PYIFF 发布日期:2019-10-04